Zandor Zann


Name Zandor Zann
Archetype Brick; "Alien", Mystic
Occupation Prince of Atlantis; Superhero
Group Membership Secret Submarine Force (ret.)
Defenders of Neptune City (then, and again)
Base of Operation Grotto of Solitude
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age, Silver Age - Neosilver Age
First Appeared In All-Star Fighting Men #4


Zandor Zann is an Atlantean. As such, he is possess of the ability to swim incredibly fast, breath underwater for an unlimited amount of time, withstand the pressure of unknowable depths beneath the surface, communicate telepathically with fish, and command water to do his bidding. When first revealed in the Golden Age, this last ability is not too well developed, and it is used to allow Zandor Zann to "swim" through the air for a limited amount of time, by extending a column of water out of the sea.

For all of his powers, Zandor Zann cannot last much more than a day outside of water. His metabolism can adjust to breath air for some time, but not indefinitely.


10,000 years ago, the island nation of Atlantis ruled the Atlantic and all of the many colonies spread throughout the adjoining land masses. The Atlantean royal blood was split among four noble houses, the house of Diamond, the house of Ruby, the house of Saphire and the house of Emerald. Each of these houses practiced a different form of magic, keyed to one of the four elements.

The ruling house at that time, the house of Diamond, was the keeper of water magic. Their sworn enemies, the house of Ruby, were practitioners of the strongest forms of fire magic. The head of the Diamond household, Pirandis Piran, was murdered by a sorcerous assassin of the Ruby household, Ertus Kor. Piran's son, Zandor Zann was the successor to the throne, but on his way back from a whale herding expedition, Zann was ambushed, and a mighty struggle of water and fire magic ensued. Ertus Kor summoned the father of flames, a mighty demon, and the magical rift was enough to cause the floating island of Atlantis to sink beneath the waves. Zandor Zann cried out to the spirit of the waves, Kalyyna, for help and made a deal to give up his throne and all his magic if she would grant the inhabitants of Atlantis the ability to breath beneath the waves. This Kalyyna the Capricious gladly did, but she was not beyond compassion, and she was not finished with the Atlantean Prince. Zandor Zann was struck nearly dead by the draining of all his magic, and sank beneath the waves to be consumed in a pillar of living stone, and the rulership of Atlantis fell beneath the treacherous staff of Ertus Kor for 10,000 years. But Kalyyna wished that it would not always be so.

In 1941, a battle between the German Submarine Zeekobold, and the American Secret Submarine Force resulted in a stray torpedo fired into the very same pillar of living stone, freeing at last the Atlantean Prince. Once awakened, Zandor Zann sensed at once the tyrannical spirit of his enemy to be the same that was within the German Submarine commander, Vernor Von Vile, so he helped the Secret Submarine Force to defeat the Zeekobold.

A friendship was struck between the members of the SSF and Zandor Zann, and he adopted the land metropolis of Neptune City as his special protectorate.

Silver Age

After being unexplainedly absent for almost a decade, Zandor Zann reappears in 1961 to help the SSF fight and capture the Zordian spacecraft. During this story, Zandor Zann reforms a friendship with Dr. Danny Joust (who was a junior officer in the SSF during WWII), and he suggests to the SSF that they turn the spacecraft to him. Along with some of the secrets of Atlantean super technology, Dr. Joust uses the secrets of the spacecraft to form the super laboratory known as Orion Technologies. Zann, at this point realizes that threats to Neptune City are no longer limited to terrestrial sources, so he decides to join the Neptune City Defenders.

The origin of Ertus Kor is revealed during this era. The Defenders help Zandor Zann free his brother, Greylin Garr, from captivity, and Atlantean rule is returned to the Diamond Household under Greylin. Ertus Kor fleas to the Diabolical Fishmen, who welcome him as a new leader in their war against the Atlanteans.

Bronze Age

Zandor Zann leaves the Neptune City Defenders and becomes an independent. He does this because he feels his place is defending Atlantis against Ertus Kor and the Fish Men. The war increasingly affects the coastal cities and shipping lanes of the world, which leads Zandor Zann to occasionally ally himself with the Super Heroes of the world. The awakening of the Unnamed One brings back Uggo-Malaka magic, which gives them a slight edge against the Atlanteans. This leads Zann to rely on assistance from the Defenders. A stray shot from one of the Defenders against Ertus Kor kills Zandor Zann's sister from Atlantis, Kyra Zann. This almost drives Zann mad, which leads to . . .

Iron Age

Zandor Zann has become completely independent, and shuns all surface contact, and alliance with surface Super Heroes. He decides that his place is on the Amber Throne of Atlantis, and this places him in conflict with his brother, Greylin Garr. After a battle, which almost kills Garr, Zandor Zann realizes that he has somehow lost his way, and withdraws into self imposed exile at his Grotto of Solitude.

NeoSilver Age

Sandor San (language drift) realizes that no man (not even a 10,000 year old Atlantean Prince) is an island unto himself,
and he returns to make peace and join the newly reformed Defenders of Neptune City.


Zandor Zann is sometimes known simply as the Atlantean Prince;  Sanndor Sann, and Sandor the Mystic
Character Name: Sann-dorr the Mystik (has used many aliases in the last 60 years)
Alternate Identities: Sandor Sann, the Atlantean Man


The Secret Submarine Force, and the Defenders of Neptune City have both counted Zandor Zann as a member, at different times.
He is generally allied with the heroes of Neptune City.


Since Neptune City is his sworn protectorate, the water-borne villains that threaten the city are all Zandor Zann's personal enemies. Particularly the sorceror Ertus Kor, the Diabolical Fish Men, and all of the enemies of the Secret Submarine Force.


Note that much of Zandor Zann's history and the story of his ancient struggles with Ertus Kor were not revealed until the Silver Age, along with many of the powers that come from his ability to survive the untold depths of the worlds oceans.
Player Name: ELD

  Hair Color: Dust   Eye Color: Oxide
  Height: 2.00 m   Weight: 100.00 kg
  Description: Dark Cloak, he fights crime  Pointed Ears, Webbed Fingers and Toes
Atlantean Anti-Hero, appeared in WW2.     the tales recounted above are in the sanitized FBI files.
  • and sided with the Russians temporarily in the 4Os,
  • - - then went away to Dimension Zero for most of the 5Os,
  • - - fought crime in the North Atlantic during the 6Os,
  • - - then fell into the Planes of Kholadan during the 7Os,
  • - - then fought crime world-wide in the 8Os,
  • - - then whisked away to the Zone Magionic for the duration of the 9Os,
  • - - and now fights crime in Neptune City.
Utility Character, not a fighter per se.  Tries set up others for the deciding blow.

Tries to be wise, tries to see the future, tries to weigh consequences, _ tries to fight crime with an eye to stopping global chaos. _ If you do not master your Powers, your Powers will be your master.