Name Whisp
Archtype phaser; desolid
Occupation criminal
Group Membership The Crime League
Base of Operation Hall of Villainy
Era of Origin Silver Age
Active Eras Silver Age, Neosilver Age
First Appeared In Starguardians United #2


The ability to become 1-dimensional (in essence, she is reduced to a line of dna, which is not really 1-dimensional, but on the perceivable level it is) is pretty powerful, as it is similar to being desolid, yet still can affect the normal world. Francis can also swim through air and infect things. Unfortunately, while her powers allow her to pass through physical objects, she cannot pass through force fields of any sort.


Francis was downtown, enjoying Riverside Park one afternoon, when a fight took place high over the city between Centurion and Visitron (the evil android from the future). Francis Florri was unlucky enough to be struck by a beam from Visitron. Ever since, Francis has been able to turn into a 1-dimensional being, she has been able to go anywhere and do anything thst she wants.


Francis Florri


The Crime League


Starguardians United; Visitron