Vernor Von Vile


Name Vernor Von Vile
Archetype WWII Villain
Occupation Special Submarine Commander
Group Membership Nazi Germany Secret Command
Base of Operation Kormorant Island
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age
First Appeared In All-Star Fighting Men #3


Vernor Von Vile is not possessed of any special powers or abilities except 2:  a rather demonic cruelty
and exceptional military cunning. and a fanatical devotion to the reich.


He was chosen to command the secret weapon, the submarine known as "Zeekobold", which was to deliver a secret payload of Radio Men (robotic soldiers) to Neptune City during WWII. The submarine was intercepted by the American Secret Submarine Force, and the invasion was stopped.

The battle between the Zeekobold resulted (perhaps) in the death (never proven) of Von Vile (no body was recovered). The main outcome of the battle, however, was that a stray torpedo fired by the Zeekobold struck the ancient living stone formation that entrapped the 10,000 year old Atlantean Prince, Zandor Zann.


The brilliant but evil German scientist, Warner Wolff, built the Zeekobold with Von Vinge in mind. Its command helmet therefor responded particularly to his brain patterns.


The American Military; the Secret Submarine ForceZandor Zann.