The Squid


Name The Squid
Archtype Thinker/Mastermind
Occupation Villain, Leader of The Crime League
Group Membership The Crime League
Base of Operation Hall of Villainy
Era of Origin Silver Age
Active Eras Silver, Neosilver
First Appeared In Starguardians United #2


Super-Intelligence as a power, gadget pool, intricate plotting.
Squid head.  Leader of the Crime League.


Sal Saunders was once a fisherman operating up and down the Chesapeake Bay. One night, after coming back from a three day long trip, his boat was swamped in a storm. The rest of the crew was drowned, but Sal Saunders was captured by none other than Ertus Kor – a mad Atlantean sorcerer allied with the diabolical fish people of Uggo-Malaka. Ertus Kor attempted to turn Sal Saunders into a human/squid hybrid, but Saunders was rescued by the Atlantean hero Zandor Zann. Zann did not know what to do with the human, so he brought him to Neptune City to leave him with his own kind.

Saunders awoke before he was found by anyone, and realizing that his head had been enlarged and replaced with a squids head, he panicked and went into hiding. After several days of not knowing what to do, and suffering through a nervous breakdown, Sal Saunders emerged realizing that not only was he changed forever, but that he was also 30 times smarter than the brightest human genius. He would use his newfound brilliance to earn a living for himself through crime.

It is unsure how Saunders would react if he knew that Ertus Kor was responsible for his “condition”, but the memory of the abduction seems to have been blocked from his conscious mind.


Sal Saunders


Leader of the Crime League - consisting of Charioteer, Plant Master, Shellback, Whisp and Gravity.


The Starguard Six, the Defenders of Neptune City, the Justice Brigade.