The Rocket (Golden Age)


Name The Range-Rocket
Archtype Flying Energy Blaster
Occupation Stunt Pilot
Group Membership The Justice Brigade
Base of Operation Neptune City
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age
First Appeared In Police Defender #18


Can fly, really fast, and carries a rocket powered pistol.


It's 1938, and the world hovers on the brink of war. Famous adventurer and scientist, Professor Thadeus Challenger, builds a one-man jet pack, which will allow a man to fly. Before it can be properly tested, the prototype is stolen by enemy agents. With the authorities in hot pursuit, they are forced to hide the pack in an airfield hanger, where it is discovered by daredevil pilot Rick Stevens. Not knowing its origin, Rick adopts the identity of the Rocket. He acquits himself so well against the Nazi spies that when Professor Challenger finally tracks him down, he not only allows Rick to keep the device, but also designs a rocket power pistol for him to use so that he can continue to do good in the world.


Rick Stevens


Professor Challenger



"A hero's gotta do what a hero's gotta do - and it's a great way to attract dames."
John Desmarais,
May 2, 2008, 12:21 PM