Name Shellback
Archtype Armored Weirdo
Occupation Criminal
Group Membership The Crime League
Base of Operation Hall of Villainy
Era of Origin Silver Age
Active Eras Silver Age, Neosilver Age
First Appeared In Starguardians United #2


Young Whitfield may be obnoxious, but he is not stupid. He has taken the basic tortoise armor suit, and continues to make additions and modifications to its abilities. It is an armored suit with jet pack, palm pulsar beams, sensor and weapon systems, and a host of bizarre attachments.


When young Master Whitfield, sole heir to the Thompson Estate, was nearly 18 he violated a clause in his grandfather’s trust fund which stated that young Whitfield would not get a penny if he ever got in trouble with the law. Well, Whitfield got in trouble for loitering, and the lawyers of the estate took this as enough justification to hold up proceedings. When Whitfield appeared before the judge, his smarmy and obnoxious attitude convinced the Judge to find against him. He lost everything. The money, the mansion, the cars, and especially controlling interest in Synthicon Laboratories are all part of the legacy and estate that Whitfield Thompson Senior (RIP) left behind. The whole estate reverted, instead of to you Young Whitfield, to a mysterious stranger known as "The Administrator".

Young Whitfield was so angry, so frustrated, that he broke into his grandfather’s weapon laboratories and stole the experimental Shellback tortoise suit. Once in possession of the armored combat suit, Whitfield adopted the name of the suit as his own, and became a criminal. Eventually, he was captured by one of the Super Heroes of Neptune City, and taken off to be incarcerated. The Squid broke Whitfield out of prison, and helped him to recover the Shellback armored suit. He has been fanatically loyal to The Squid ever since.


Whitfield Thompson III


The Crime League; Dr. Doris Fleming - lead design engineer at Synthicon Laboratories (in love with Whitfield)


Starguard Six