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Sandor the Mystic has been in comics since the 1930s.

He has fought crime, committed crime, and sat on the sidelines in the war on crime.

He has been re-written, ret-conned, killed off, revamped, deconstructed and reincarnated.

He has had aquatic powers, mystic powers, psionics, crime-busting skills, and been imprisoned in basalt and lost in the astral plane....


Writers have used him as a foil, a prop, a hero, sidekick, deus-machina, a sage, a joke and an oracle.

And when the comics line of PD Publishing was bought out by Quadra-Color in the 80s, they changed even more aspects of Zandor.

Plus his name has been written about 7 different ways by various writers :Sandor, Sanndor-Sann, Zandor, Zandor-Zan, plus one of Mystic, Wise, Atlantean, Sorceror, etc.

He has been vulnerable to acids, spells, females, astral conjunctions and even exorcism.

Fanboys love to argue about the "true" strength levels and "real" powers of Sandor, and they are all correct.

(except that guy that says he was a Nazi, cause Sandor never swore the Hitlerian oath)

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