Proff Challenger

Professor Challenger
  Archetype  Gadgeteer
 Astrophysicist, Electrical Engineer, Mechanic
  Group Membership   Justice Brigade
  Base of Operation   Churchland Garage
  Era of Origin
  Golden Age
  Active Eras 
  Gold to Atomics
  First Appeared In
  Crime Lab #1
Doc has augmented his mind and body to maximum human levels by altering his own metabolism  with his research into beneficial drugs, steroids, vitamins,  supplements, and blood enhancers.

Plus he builds a mean hot rod.

As originally envisioned, Professor Challenger was a huge intellect.  A mastermind with a brain far beyond the norms of Average Mankind.  He uses this vast intellect to improve the Human Condition - using science and knowledge to fight against the dark night he sees humanity slipping into in the 20th century.  One of the first creations he made that tried to capture some of his own intellect is the Challenge Car - a car that, since it was built based on Challenger's principles of reason and anticipation, actually partially drives itself.  Later on this would be known as an artificial intelligence, or even a robotic car, but not in the 1940s.  Then it was just a uniquely designed super car with some of the Professor's mind built into it.

As things went on, Professor challenger went on to build other inventions, and to assist the state of science (and help crime fighters in Neptune City).  One of his final creations was the Challenger-6 robot, an advanced mechanical man with a thinking brain, that joined five other adventurers in becoming the original Starguardians United (the super-science adventuring team that used their unique abilities to fight crime and defend Neptune City from the unique threats of the Space Age).

In this incarnation (the original character idea), he appeared more like a gruff scientist.  Stocky, somewhat gruff, pessimistic of Man's condition, but optimistic in the promises that applied science and renewed morality could bring.  Here is a view of the original idea of the Professor.

Quote - "The scientific discoveries of the 20th century have shown to mankind that the universe is a vast place - big, and without limits.  In such a world, if Man forgets himself, and where he came from, and why he is here - it is easy to see that like the savage of old, he will feel little more than another scavenger on the forest floor.  It is important that man, through his conquest of knowledge and his command of science, realize that he is a uniquely created being, with every right to demand his place in the universe, and to once again feel that all creation is his to understand.  Only then, through this pursuit of knowledge, will man be freed from the forest floor - and once Man is freed, he will again accept the responsibility to behave correctly."
Chuck Turnitsa,
Jun 11, 2008, 2:48 PM
Chuck Turnitsa,
Jun 11, 2008, 2:48 PM
Chuck Turnitsa,
Jun 11, 2008, 2:48 PM