Plant Master


Name Plant Master
Archtype Control of Plants
Occupation Criminal
Group Membership The Crime League
Base of Operation Hall of Villainy
Era of Origin Silver Age
Active Eras Silver Age, Neosilver Age
First Appeared In Starguardians United #2 (minions & voice) SGU#3 (fully shown)


Plant Master can control all plants within range. He can cause them to grow at an immense rate, and to unusual sizes. Plant Master can also will them to mutate and grow certainly deadly features (such as spike shooters, and poison spores). The Squid has built a "seed gun" for Plant Master which he uses to generate plant growth in places where it is scarce.


Nobody is sure where Norton’s powers come from; he could just control plants ever since he was a teen ager. He never finished high school, yet knows an amazing amount (self taught) about plants and botany.

He has been acting as a criminal ever since leaving high school. Once contacted by The Squid, and presented with a "super villain" costume, and the seed gun, Neville never once has regretted his decision, despite numerous run-ins with the law and the Super Heroes of Neptune City.


Neville Norton


The Crime League


Starguard Six; Defenders of Neptune City