Moreno, Anthony


Name Anthony Xavier Moreno
Archtype Gangster, Crime Boss
Occupation Head of the Moreno Gang
Group Membership Moreno Gang
Base of Operation Moreno Mansion
Era of Origin Pulp
Active Eras Pulp, Golden
First Appeared In Street Crime #2 (1931)


None Known - main abilities come from ruthlessness, and strict control over well armed criminal gang.


Parents emigrated to the United States from the small Balkan state of Malvetia, shortly after the First World War. Young Tony had to go out to seek work to help the family make ends meet. He tried working his way through medical school in Vienna, but was shunned due to his "mud people" heritage, and his proclivities * in the chem lab.  It wasn't long before he found his way into crime, in some of the seedier neighborhoods of Neptune City, and got involved with several gangs that were instrumental in the Rum Smuggling business. After a few rather brutal run-ins with the heavy muscle of the street gangs, Anthony (leaving his childhood name behind) had amassed enough in a way of a following, as well as the ability to out-think and out-shoot his opponents, and he was able to take over. Through muscle, bribes, and diabolical planning he has run the organized crime syndicate of Neptune City ever since.


-none- public ID  (A.X. Moreno, T.X.Moreno)


The Moreno Gang


Neptune City Police Department; Neptune City Mystery Men in the Pulp Era; Defenders of Neptune City in the Golden Age


Now in his middle age he is a bulky man, given to wearing a very nice gray wool overcoat and fedora. Prematurely bald, Eyes are icy blue, hair is white now. He often dressed as a doctor long after he was tossed out of med school.

* drugs.
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Jun 11, 2008, 9:39 PM