Name Goshawk
Archtype Weapons Master
Occupation Hero
Group Membership
Base of Operation Neptune City
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age
First Appeared In Street Crime #12

Goshawk in full Uniform
Goshawk without the sense-enhancing helmet
Powers:  Originally, all Goshawk could do was fly which; while impressive, doesn't go very far towards actually stopping criminals. Tellar later cobbled together a set of talons and Alan himself added the Flail and Net (taken from his collection of historical weapons). Goshawk's primary battle tactic is to drop his net on his target and then, while the target is held, bash him with the Flail.


Alan Baxter always felt an affinity with birds.  In addition to be able to imitate any bird call he ever heard, people said he had the eye of a hawk.

As an historian he became fascinated by the mythological significance of bird - particularly the stories of men who learned to fly in the manner of birds, like the story of Icarus & Daedalus.  What his studies revealed though was that Icarus & Daedalus's wings really would work, if modern materials were used to construct them.  Working with Ronald Tellar, a Professor in the Engineering Department, he built a working set of wings.  Later, the talons we added - primarily to aid in landing on structures.  Tellar also came up with a method for reinforcing some of the leather armor Alan kept in his collection of ancient arms and armor).

Goshawk's first heroic escapade involved squashing an attempt by some members of Moreno's mob to strong-arm some of the University's science professors into making a new type of explosive for them.  This adventure convinced him that the honest people of Neptune City needed protection.


Large wings and a helmet in the shape of a goshawk's head.
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Jun 19, 2008, 8:10 AM