Name Devil-Man
Archtype Criminal Mastermind
Occupation Criminal
Group Membership Leader of the Little Devils
Base of Operation Devil's Den
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age (becomes Green Devil in the Silver Age)
First Appeared In Giant-Size Justice Brigade 6


Pictured here, the Golden Age costume of Devil Man

Prefers to orchestrate intricate plots involving his "little devils" (thugs). Once a plot comes to a head, and there is a coup de grace to be administered, Devil-Man will arrive and perform the final deed himself using his ordinary looking, but wickedly loaded Inferno Gun.


Nicholas Wormwood was a very successful, very wealthy industrialist, living in a very expensive posh estate just outside of town. His start in business and development came at an early age with his marriage to Linda Seychelles. Her Father, Maxfield Seychelles made Nicholas the chief Vice President of Seychelles Shipping Lines. A few years into their marriage, Maxfield died (under suspicious circumstances, but the culprit was never found), leaving sole control of the company to Nicholas. Several years later, in 1935, Nicholas became a widower (also under extremely suspicious circumstances, but again without hard proof), and inheritted Linda's substantial family fortunes, to go along with his growing company. Things looked pretty good.

Then in 1938, just prior to the war, Nicholas was invited to a private masquerade party. By this time, he diversified into railroading, trucking, and also renamed the Seychelles Line to Wormwood Transportation. In order to promote the new logo that was appearing on his ships, trucks, and trains -- Nicholas appeared at the new party wearing a green Devil's head mask similar to the one in the company logo. While being driven to the party, Nicholas' driver noticed a very strange storm brewing, but pressed on anyway, coming into the city from the remote Wormwood Estate. The storm broke, before the driver reached the ferry that would have taken them across to Neptune City, and in the storm a curious green bolt of lightning struck the car. The driver was killed, and the car careened off the road into a pine tree, which toppled and crushed the vehicle.

Hours later, after the storm had subsided and dawn had come, Nicholas found himself in the woods, having dragged himself some distance from the car the night before. The devil's mask was gone. Over the next few months in Nicholas' life, he found that he was growing more and more vindictive and hateful in his business dealings, and what few personal relationships he had were disappearing. Eventually he realized that nightly, after dark, he became Devil-Man -
with a lurid green devil's head, and full of malice and hatred for mankind. Nicholas grew to relish and love the role, and to use his new abilities (the uncanny ability to affect men's minds) to spread the hatred that now filled his heart, and to forward his business ventures with the most despicable methods imaginable. At Left: Devil Man as he appeared in the 1962 Cavalcade Magazine Format  GROOM in the GREEN MASQUE

In order to support his evil machinations, Devil-Man dug out and equipped the Devil's Den, below Wormwood Estate. Plus he's not bothered if a few banks get plundered here and there. He also has had an experimental roadster built, the "Green Devil" equipped with the latest radio gear and experimental weaponry. He has hired a small army of thugs (the "Little Devils"), that are fanatically loyal to him. The most feared weapon in Devil-Man's arsenal, however, is his inferno gun. Capable of producing gouts of green flame that can ignite nearly anything, the gun is a thing of technical wonder and purest evil at the same time.

Devil-Man spreads evil where ever he strikes. Let us hope that those masked mystery-men that provide our protection - the Neptune City Defenders - can stop such a monster.


Nicholas Wormwood
After 1960, Devil-Man returns as a
villain known as the Green Devil.

In a few issues, when Devil Man fought Sandor-San, their battles would often take them to the astral plane. To the left is pictured this "true form" of Devil Man. Actually this is thought to be the self-actualized avatar of the possessor. In any case, when the action figures were manufactured, this form was it for the 7Os. the writers never revealed whether the same Nicholas became devil-man from the 30s to the 90s, or if different men were possessed by the masque; the mystery remains.