Cosmic Defender


Name Cosmic Defender
Archtype Energy Blaster
Occupation Reporter (as Kenny Lawrence)
Group Membership not known
Base of Operation Neptune City
Era of Origin Silver
Active Eras Silver, Bronze
First Appeared In Justice Brigade #7


Wielder of the Cosmic Power, granted him by the Infinite Ones


Kenny Lawrence is a young reporter working for the Tidewater Atlas - the premier newspaper in Neptune City for covering world events. He is currently on special assignment covering the Neptune City World Trade Center to report back on world economic situations.

One day on the job proved to be very stressful, when Kenny covered the effects that the communist takeover of Padisvlakia would have on Eastern European economics. The brutal reports were quite upsetting, and Kenny went to bed frustrated that he could only report on the economic situation, and not do anything about the frustrating world scene behind the headlines.

That night, Kenny was visited in his dreams. He was visited by an angelic being who introduced himself as Coriandus the Solarian. Coriandus explained that he was from a parallel universe - a far older and more mature universe where mortal beings had learned to leave war and conflict behind. The mortal beings of that universe have come to rely upon a race of godlike beings known as the Infinite Ones for protection. He went on to further explain that he was a Solarian, which is a sort of traveling adventurer that travels to worlds in other universes, via teleportation through the heart of certain suns. In this way the Infinite Ones are able to observe other universes, and also offer their guidance through certain emissaries - and, as Coriandus emphasized, it gave the Infinite Ones a way to assist innocent young races from the enemies of the Infinite Ones -- beings bent on the enslavement or destruction of all young races in all universes.

Kenny was quite amazed at all of this, and asked what Coriandus thought of Earth. Coriandus said that Mankind had promise - perhaps more promise than any of the other young races in this universe. But they would have to learn to get past their tendency to wage war on each other. Kenny agreed and explained his current feelings of frustration over not being able to help stop conflict.

Coriandus asked if Kenny would like to become an Emissary of the Infinite Ones, to watch over the Earth and protect it from space-born threats while the race of Mankind matures to one of peaceful harmony and understand. Kenny eagerly agreed, and then Coriandus gifted him with an infusion of cosmic energy from the multiverse. Kenny's newfound powers allowed him to split himself in two - one half, his Physical Self, could remain in Neptune City to keep his job at the Tidewater Atlas, reporting on world events and trying to make a difference that way. The other half, his Cosmic Self, could roam the planet to observe and guard against things. He was also able to roam the spaceways near earth. A peculiarity of the cosmic energy infusion meant that Kenny's Cosmic Self would remain completely invisible and ghostlike while in the atmosphere, but could affect things and even engage dangerous beings in combat while in space. Kenny had become the Cosmic Defender of Earth.

Questions remained with Kenny when his visit with the strange angel-like being ended. When would Coriandus visit again? Who were the enemies of the Infinite Ones? Would these enemies come to Earth? Would Kenny, as the Cosmic Defender, be enough to defend Earth? What were Kenny's cosmic powers? Could he control them?


Kenny Lawrence, reporter for the Tidewater Atlas.


Coriandus the Solarian


unknown currently


Much of the background of Coriandus, and the knowledge that a spectral version of Solaria existed inside Cosmic Defender, did not become revealed about the character until the Bronze Age era. Most of the Silver Age adventures involving the Cosmic Defender dealt with the defense of earth in general, and Neptune City in particular. The stories in the Bronze Age involve the intrusion of the galactic beings (and the complicated rivalries and friendships involved) associated with Coriandus and the Infinite Ones.
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Jun 10, 2008, 8:12 AM