Coriandus the Solarian

Coriandus was waging war against the war machines of the long dead Krundge, when he was contacted by the Infinite Ones and asked if he would accept help from them in his plight.  He agreed, and was imbued with cosmic power by the Infinite Ones to help in the crusade against the Krundge war machines. 

Upon completing his task, Coriandus was asked to help the Infinite Ones in contacting other select members of races around the many known galaxies, and Coriandus accepted.  In honor of his lost race, the Infinite Ones named this new group the "Solarians", in honor of Coriandus' heritage, and also due to the fact that they travel vast distances via gateways to be found in certain stars, dotted across the galaxies.

One of the first beings that Coriandus contacted in order to enlist into the Solarians, was Kenny Lawrence of Earth (Neptune City), who became Cosmic Defender.