Name Charioteer
Archtype Speedster
Occupation Villain, janitor
Group Membership The Crime League
Base of Operation Hall of Villainy
Era of Origin Silver Age
Active Eras Silver, NeoSilver
First Appeared In Starguardians United #2


Turns into a fireball, with a flaming aura that looks like a chariot when he zooms through the air. The reason for the chariot effect is unknown, but when he was younger, Patch loved the movie Ben Hur. He is quite well protected when in charioteer form, and can move incredibly fast. His heightened metabolism grants several abilities.


Godfrey Patch was once a janitor at the Angel of Mercy hospital. He also had a terrible drinking problem. Once, while cleaning out the trash bins of one of the hospital pharmacies, he found a bottle marked “experimental metabolism booster”.

He took the bottle home, and began experimenting with the pills – hoping that an increased metabolism would help him process the alcohol out of his system faster, and not leave him with a hangover in the morning. Well, he took the pills and took the pills and took the pills, until one night he noticed that no matter how much he drank he couldn’t get drunk. Desperate to try and get drunk, he drank and drank, but only got more frustrated.

Finally, Godfrey flew into a rage, and when he did he burst into flames and found he could run and move faster than any human being that he knew. The Charioteer was born, and Godfrey Patch would never work as a janitor again. Now if he could only figure out how to get a good drunk on.
Pictured above: at left, Charioteer in motion; at right: while standing stock still.


Godfrey Patch, Hospital Janitor


The Crime League


Starguard Six, Defenders of Neptune City, Justice Brigade.