Name Gravity
Archtype Brick
Occupation Criminal
Group Membership The Crime League
Base of Operation Hall of Villainy
Era of Origin Silver Age
Active Eras Silver Age, Neosilver Age
First Appeared In Starguardians United #2


Jasper Cragg has turned into an impossibly dense rocky being that is not only very strong, but also seems to affect the earth’s gravity field everywhere he travels. His body no longer processes food or water, and Jasper Cragg doesn’t realize that he is living off the gravitic waves coming from the earth’s center. Slowly Cragg is losing his own identity, and more frequently a monster-personality prone to mindless violence is taking over. The only one he seems to trust and recognize any longer when he is under control of the monster-personality is The Squid.


Jasper was a test pilot who volunteered to take part in a government space capsule test. The capsule was accelerated, in a mechanical flight simulator, to nearly the speed of sound, and then the capsule was bombarded with imitation cosmic rays. The cosmic ray generator was flawed, and what emitted instead was a mysterious field of indigo rays.

By the time the simulator and the ray generator had been shut down, it was too late. Cragg had been totally immersed in the strange energy. He was in a coma, and was admitted toAngel of Mercy hospital. A few days later, the hospital reported a strange occurrence, and that Cragg had disappeared. His bed had crashed through the floor, and smashed down into the basement under some terrific force. The bed was found, in splinters, in a 7 foot deep depression in the floor of the lowest basement level. Cragg’s body was never found. He woke up, turned into a purple hulking beast, and stalked off into the night.


Jasper Cragg


The Crime League


Starguard Six