Name Centurion
Archtype Brick
Occupation Hero, Writer
Group Membership
Base of Operation Neptune City
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age, Atomic Age, Silver Age, Modern Age
First Appeared In Police Detective #12


Strong, fast, and almost impossible to really hurt; Centurion typically takes a very simple, physical approach to combat - but always strives to use the minimum force necessary.


In the early part of 1938, the Centurian appeared on the outskirts of Neptune City from 100 years in the future. Upon realizing he could not immediately return to his own time he established a secret ID for himself. Shortly thereafter, forced to use his powers to prevent a disaster, he becomes the first super-powered hero.
Although operating in a diminished power level due to the effects of his trip through time, he still possesses the power to be a significant force for good and so takes on the name Centurion (a thinly veiled play on word referring to his being from a different century). He has never revealed to anyone that he is not native to this time period, nor what his true name is.


Nick Collins,science-fiction writer (the ability to set his own schedule works well for his "real" occupation of hero and his knowledge of future science gives him a neverending source of material).



Warner Wolff


Centurion is the first super-powered hero, and the inspiration for those who followed. As the first super-powered hero, Centurion is keenly aware of his influence on the heroes who will follow him. As such he strives to be the perfect role-model. He always fights fair, defends the weak, and promotes the heroic ideal.
John Desmarais,
May 2, 2008, 12:19 PM