Black Fox


Name Black Fox
Archtype Masked Crime Fighter
Group Membership
Base of Operation Fox Den
Era of Origin Pulp Age
Active Eras Pulp, Golden,
First Appeared In Police Defender (which issue?)


The Black Fox prefers not to get involved in too many direct combats, but rather to rely on his wits and reputation to scare villains.


Grant was only fourteen years old when he saw his family gunned down by some of Moreno's boys for not paying their "protection" money. He swore on that night that he would do whatever it took to bring them to justice. He liquidated all of the family's business assets and spent the next few years honing his mind and body - learning the skills he would need to bring down the people who murdered his famliy. He became the Black Fox. During the Pulp Era he fought crime as a masked "mystery man".

A few years later - years spent sucessfully terrorizing the criminal underworld - Centurion made his presence known. It was as if lightning struck him right there. and he knew what he needed to do. Fashioning a costume for himself (although not the bright colors of Centurion) and improving his arsenal, the Black Fox is now more effective than ever.


Grant Reynard


In the Golden Age at least, Black Fox is a confederate of Centurion.


A foe of Dr. Diabolique.


Personality/Motivation: Driven by the memory of his family's murder at the hands of the Neptune City mob to right the wrongs of society and bring evil-doer to justice, the Black Fox operates in the dark underbelly of Neptune City, where heroes such as Centurion and the All-American never seem work.

Quote: "Justice has been served."

Appearance: A black & dark crimson costume with a fox-head inspired cowl and a black cape.

John Desmarais,
Jun 19, 2008, 8:07 AM
John Desmarais,
Jun 19, 2008, 8:07 AM