Name All-American
Archtype Patriot
Occupation Hero
Group Membership
Base of Operation Neptune City
Era of Origin Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age
First Appeared In Justice Brigade #1


Armed with a reinforced Army Baton and protected by a cleverly made metal-mesh suit that can stop a (small calibre) bullet, All-American is like a whirling dervish in combat.


From the first time he saw the Centurion in action John knew what he wanted to do with his life - be a hero.  Unfortunately, when you're just a poor kid from the South Side this isn't really a realistic dream.  Then he met Dr. Graves.  Dr. Graves was a scientist working for the Army on how to turn men into better fighter, and he needed a test subject.  Unfortunately for him, the Army didn't think his process was ready to test on a real person yet.  Dr. Graves had hired him to keep his lab clean, but was secretly subjecting him to the process. 

The process worked - stronger and faster than he ever thought he could be, John also seems to instantly grasp the subtleties of combat with no formal training.  Unfortunately, other knew of Dr. Graves' work.  Before he was able to complete the process, Nazi agents stormed his lab to steal his work - unfortunately killing Dr. Graves in the process.  Now, they want John, in order to use his body to try to figure what Dr. Graves was doing.

The Army is aware of who he is, and keeps close watch on him, but has made no move to draft him into service - so far.

America is the greatest country in the world, and John knows it - deep down into his soul he knows it, but other people need to be reminded constantly.  So, making himself a costume inspired by Old Glory, the All-American is out to make sure that everyone knows America can't be licked.


The All-America is as close to physical perfection as you could imagine a person being, and in his Old Glory inspired costume, cuts a dashing and patriotic image.
John Desmarais,
Jun 19, 2008, 8:08 AM