Tidewater Atlas


Name The Tidewater Atlas
Leader Rockson Family
Size Hundreds of employees
HQ Location The Atlas Building (downtown Neptune City)
Origin Era Pulp, founded in 1921
Active Eras All Eras
Purpose Slick newspaper, designed to be cutting edge


Reporters, Editors, Photographers, Newsboys, and other staff


Be the cutting edge, elite newspaper of the Neptune City Region. Sometimes Editorial virtues have to be sacrificed . . .


The Atlas Building - a skyscraper in downtown Neptune City, built by the Rockson family in 1930, a decade after the paper was founded.


Founded in 1921, the Tidewater Atlas uses slick production graphics and hip language to appeal to urban elite. Employing a young and active breed of reporter, the TwA is more often that not the first to break the really big stories -- unfortunately, they also have a history of running stories before verifying all of their sources. The Tidewater Atlas currently hold the record in the state for the most number of libel law suits issued against a news publication in a single year.


Kenny Lawrence (Cosmic Defender)


Rivals with The Neptune City Pilot.