Secret Submarine Force


Name Secret Submarine Force
Leader Submarine Force Commander
Size Hundreds
HQ Location Neptune City Naval Base (and during and after the Atomic Age - Ranger Island)
Origin Era Golden Age
Active Eras Golden Age - Neosilver Age
Purpose Protect the Oceans from threats the US Navy can't handle


The Secret Submarine Force, even though sponsored originally by the US Navy, had members from all of the Allied Nations during WWII. After the war, some remained, but mostly new recruiting took place within the US.


The Secret Submarine Force, when formed, was to counter any super submarines or potent villains that the German or Japanese navy might have in action against the Allied navies of the world.

After the war, during the period that the program existed under private funding, the SSF was dedicated to undersea exploration and handling supernatural and extraterrestrial threats within the oceans of the world. The funding was provided by Submarine Force Commander (whose real name is unknown, but who is, inexplicably, still alive and apparently the same age he was during WWII when the organization was first formed). Rumors are that the funds came from oceanic treasures that the SSF recovered during its missions.

In the Silver Age, when the SSF was re-funded by the US Navy, protecting the Free World shipping against Communist Atomic Frogmen was a priority, but this was soon forgotten with the end of the Bronze Age. In the Iron Age, the organization was reformed as ICARUS - International Command, Armed Respondents for Underwater Security. This organization had strong ties to the UN, even though much funding still came from the US. The headquarters remained at Ranger Island (since it is in international waters).


The organization has benefited from not only cutting edge US Navy experimental equipment, but also super-high technology made available through the friendship between Submarine Force Commander, and Zandor Zann (the Atlantean Prince).


Zandor Zann, The Atlantean Prince, has been a friend to the SSF (and later ICARUS) since WWII, when he was awakened from his 10,000 year long sleep, by a torpedo fired by a German Submarine against an SSF rival.

The Strato-Rangers shared Ranger Island with the SSF for a while. The two organizations are allied, and often work together.


In addition to the tyrannical navies of the world, SSF has been sworn enemies to Ertus-Kor (renegade Atlantean Sorceror) since WWII, as well as the Diabolical Fish Men.