Neptune City Medical College


Name Neptune City Medical College
Leader Dr. Matton
Size Staff of 400
HQ Location Angel of Mercy Hospital
Origin Era Bronze
Active Eras Bronze - Neosilver
Purpose Cutting Edge Medical Research

Neptune City Medical College - the Centrifuge GateMembers

The NCMC is home to a staff of doctors, nurses, researchers and support personnel who all have top rate credentials.


The NCMC has two goals - the first is the performance of research and development of new techniques in the areas of medical care and treatment. The second goal is in the training of medical students to be some of the best in the world.


Research ResourcesBestowed with a huge endowment, as well as continued government, community, and industry support allows the NCMC to afford the very best in equipment, as well as demanding the development of new equipment to support research activities.


A top-rated medical school, that also operates a research hospital open to the public. The presence of military, scientific, and superheroic communities within the city means that the hospital and medical college see a fair number of unique and special cases, which allow for the development and research of all manner of new medical science. As the hospital is so well funded, it can afford to grant care to the impoverished communities that are located near its campus, in the heart of Neptune City.