Markus Trade School


Name Markus Trade School (after 1968, known as Norfolk County Community College)
Leader Founded by Steve Markus, 1924
Size Hundreds of Students
HQ Location Markus Campus, Neptune City
Origin Era Pulp
Active Eras All Eras
Purpose Technical School


This is a trade school, teaching students who are interested in working in industry.


Support local career-skill education.


Not too much, rather broke by university standards. Relies in modern age on local and state funding. Before becoming a community college in 1968, lived off of the Markus fortune, which was responsible for founding the school.


Founded by Steve Markus in 1924 to be a source of education for technical jobs required by local industry. It went along pretty well, until the early 1960s, when the original Markus family fortune ran out. At that time, a successful plea to the state government had the school made into the first Community College in Neptune City.


Steve "Speed" Markus was a rich industrialist (involved in shipping, among other businesses) in the 1920s, who used his fortune for good causes. Eventually, he became a masked mystery man (with the nickname of 'Speedboat'), who fought crime and stopped the rampant smuggling taking place at the time.