Beaumonte Academy


Name Beaumonte Academy
Leader Headmaster - see below
Size Approx. 200-250 students
HQ Location Beaumonte Estate - South of the Elizabeth River in Neptune City
Origin Era Pre-Pulp (founded 1831)
Active Eras All Eras
Purpose Elite K-12 education


The children of the rich and powerful in and around Neptune City choose to attend Beaumonte. The faculty is truly world class, and all are considered to be tops in their field.

1831 - 1844 Ebineezer Crouch
1844 - 1872 Alastair Spendthrift
1872 - 1896 Uziah Meene
1896 - 1917 Headley Pinchnose
1917 - 1924 Froederick Nocknaster
1924 - 1935 Stephanos Wheedle
1935 - 1941 Pluckton Rind
1941 - 1952 Headley Pinchnose III
1952 - 1969 Ambrose Wretchel
1969 - 1983 Grimbel Cronus
1984 - Present Androv Malfection


To serve as the Penultimate source of elite education in the Neptune City region


By 1872, when Headmaster Meene took over leadership of the school, the Beaumonte fortune had grown into the Beaumonte endowment - at that time worth several million dollars. The value of the endowment in modern times is unknown, but it considered to be one of the largest in the world of any educational institution below the status of University.