West Brambleton Avenue Bridge

Paralleling the Elizabeth River, and crossing Hague Creek, this bridge connects the downtown region of Neptune City to several key shipyards.

Originally built in the previous century as a combination bridge and dock. In the late 1930s the bridge was rebuilt to accommodate modern automobiles.  The bridge was rebuilt once again in 1967, adding additional lanes. By 2008 the bridge had been once again rebuilt, this time to accommodate light rail traffic in addition to automobiles.

In its original condition the bridge contained multiple docks that were used for ships too large to come into the shore-bound docks.


Through the Ages

Pulp Era – During the time period the bridge sees very little use except as an occasional dock for larger that average foreign sea traffic.  Most Neptune City natives avoid the bridge because of the strange stories that get told about it.  Stories of fish-men who grab people from the bridge and drag them down into their underwater caves.

Golden Age – It was during this era that the bridge underwent its first major reconstruction, enabling it to convey automotive traffic. Usage of the bridge stays relatively light until the shipyards on the west side ramp up to modern production.

Atomic Age – Construction well completed now, the bridge is a major inner-city thoroughfare, connecting the downtown area to several major shipyards. No one remember the old legends.

Silver Age – During this period its just another bridge in a city full of small bridges.

Bronze Age – The Bridge once more undergoes reconstruction, increasing its load capacity and widening it to add more lanes, including a foot traffic lane.

Iron Age – Heavy usage has caused the bridge to degrade, but shifting business patterns now mean that the majority of traffic on the bridge is no longer in support of high-income (highly taxable) business.  The increasingly corrupt city hall does not see repairing the bridge as an important venture.

Modern Age – Today this bridge is once more being completely rebuilt. The new bridge will support not just automotive traffic but will also be an important section of the new light rail system being erected throughout the city.