Waterman's Savings and Trust


Name Waterman's Savings and Trust
Type Building
Environ Neptune City
Accessibility Public
Owner/Ruler Controlled by the President
     and the Board of Directors
Crispian Shelby - President 1927 - 1939
Size 1 City Block
Era First Known pre-Pulp Era
Active Eras Pulp Era - NeoSilver Age

Description -   Waterman's Savings and Trust has been a Norfolk institution since 1895, and was the only locally owned financial institution in Neptune City to remain open through the Great Depression. From those humble beginnings Waterman's Savings and Trust grew into the oldest locally-owned bank in Norfolk County.   -     Peoples Bank has been located on Bank Street in Neptune for over 100 years. The first branch location began operations in Oceanview in the fall of 1960. During the Spring of 1980 the second branch location at 705 High Street was opened. This bank branch location is set up in the heart of Historic Portsmouth.


Waterman's Savings and Trust is located on Bank Street, the heart of Neptune City's financial district throughout most of Neptune City's history.

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