Name Uggo-Malaka
Type Sunken City
Environ Ocean Floor, Southern Atlantic
Accessibility Secret
Owner/Ruler Claw and Trident Council, Uggala-Kalak
Size Small City-State
Era First Known Atomic
Active Eras Atomic - Neosilver


An underwater city built from the body of a slowly-dying god (the Unnamed One, or Malaka), Uggo-Malaka is the home of the Uggala-Kalak. The city is built of weirdly shaped organic structures and a strange green stone, known as Unstone. Unstone has very strange properties, and can be harnessed to warp any of a number of forces (magnetic, nuclear, magical, etc).


The city is composed of many tunnels and caves, which form the bulk of the meeting rooms and breed-pool grottoes that the inhabitants require. The food provision for the Uggala-Kalak seems to be a mixture of both natural fish and other animals, as well as harvested "flesh" from the rotting body of the Unnamed One.

The city state has placed many, many colonies around the oceans of the world. One such is lodged deep in the submerged walls of Norfolk Canyon, off the coast of Neptune City.

Affiliated Organizations

The Uggala-Kalak originate from Uggo-Malaka. To Atlanteans they are known as the Un-Men of Eventide. To the few surface humans that know of them, they are known as the Diabolical Fish Men.

In the Iron Age, the organization known as Shadowtide (a secret warrior cult of the Uggo-Malaka) emerged.

Affiliated Characters

Ertus-Kor, renegade Atlantean sorceror, dwells at Uggo-Malaka

Known Enemies

Zandor Zann, the Atlantean Prince, is the sworn enemy of Ertus-Kor, and by extension the Fish Men of Uggo-Malaka.

The Secret Submarine Force, headquartered at Neptune City Naval Base, first made contact with the Diabolical Fish Men of Norfolk Canyon during WWII. It wasn't until the Atomic Age, some years later, that the discovery of the city itself (Uggo-Malaka) was made.

In modern times (since the Iron Age), the successors to the Secret Submarine Force, ICARUS, have waged a secret war against Shadowtide.