Travers Museum of Antiquities


Name Travers Museum of Antiquities
Type Museum
Environ Neptune City
Accessibility Public
Owner/Ruler Travers Foundation
Size Medium sized museum
Era First Known Pulp Era
Active Eras All

DescriptionTravers Museum of Antiquities

Travers Museum of Antiquities Medium Museum, approximately one third of which is given to permanent display of a not inconsiderable collection of antiquities from more exotic locations - Greenland, Antarctica, Leng Plateau, etc.

The remainder of the building is given over to traveling exhibits from other museums - Museum of Natural History, British Museum, Smithsonian, etc.


While the Museum itself is located next to the lovely Travers Gardens Park, it is what is inside that is of most interest.

The artifacts brought back by Wellington Travers (founder of the museum) from Greenland in 1919 (known as the Promethean Era Statues) are responsible for creating a gateway to another dimension. The staff is largely unaware of this, yet there are always one or two informed individuals who take exceptional care that the Statues do not get handled by the general public.

Affiliated Organizations

The Travers Foundation was founded by Wellington Travers, when he left on is 1924 world-spanning adventure to track down and capture the international criminal known as the Red Phantom.

Affiliated Characters

Wellington Travers - Millionaire, founder of the Travers Automobile Company, Archaeologist, Adventurer, Explorer, and Philanthropist. Founded the Museum as he was leaving Neptune City in 1924.

Museum Contents

First Floor

  • The Wellington Travers Library houses the (formerly) private library of Wellington Travers’ journals detailing his many travels.
  • The Treasures Gallery holds a selection of items from Wellington Travers’ personal collection of antiquities collected from his many travels.
  • The Museum Store sells a selection of mementos and keepsake items.
  • The Museum Café sells light breakfast and lunch fare.  The hall to the left separating it from the Wellington Travers Library has tables scattered throughout to provide a measure of seating area for diners.
  • The Traveling Exhibit spaces (2 rooms) house whatever exhibits are currently on loan to the Travers.

Second Floor

  • Greenland Room.  Repository of Travers’ artifacts from his Greenland travels.
  • Antarctica Room. Repository of Travers’ artifacts from his Antartica travels.
  • Leng Plateau Room. Repository of Travers’ artifacts from his Leng Plateau travels.
  • Peru Room.  The smallest of the upstairs room, but the one that contains some of the most unusual artifacts.

Through the Ages

Pulp Era – The museum is a brand new addition to Neptune City and it contains only those items donated by Travers.  During this time period all exhibits are on the first floor and poorly organized.

Golden Age – The museum staff has finally gotten organized.  All of Travers’ primary artifacts are in the larger upper level rooms.  The café and museum store are in now open for business and the Travers’ formerly private items are displayed in sealed cases on the first floor.  The museum is acknowledged as one of the top private museums in the country.

Atomic Age – The museum’s reputation begins to slide downward due to its heavy emphasis on the occult.  Its though of as a “quaint” place to visit, but no serious study occurs there.

Silver Age – Elementary School field trips are full extent of the patronage the museum now receives. The building’s general state of repair is quite poor, as it no longer brings in the donations required for true self-sufficiency. Occasional grants from the Travers’ Trust is all that keeps it open.

Bronze Age – The era sees a renewed interest is the artifacts that Travers’ collected; and donations beginning to increase, although many of the larger ones are mysteriously anonymous.  The building undergoes its first serious renovation since opening during this period – an exercise that causes a re-inventorying of the artifacts which leads to the discovery of several previously unknown items.

Iron Age – The Travers Museum is beginning to find its place as one of the primary sources for certain eclectic research.

Modern Age –The Promethean Era Statues are accidentally activated, opening a gate to (to be revealed later).

Floor Plans

Travers Museum of Antiquities - Neptune City

Travers Museum of Antiquities - Neptune City