Solaria (Planet)


Name Solaria
Type Dead Planet
Environ Crystalline Paradise
Accessibility Destroyed World, access via Time Travel
Owner/Ruler Crystalarium
Size World
Era First Known Silver
Active Eras Silver - NeoSilver


Solarian Crystal GrowthSolaria was once a lovely paradise world, home to a race (the Solarians) that developed and perfected all manner of fantastic crystal technology.

The planet, in ancient times, was attacked by intelligent war machines of the Krundge. The defender of Solaria at the time was a hero named Coriandus. The Krundge machines did not respond well, at all, to the attempts at peaceful negotiation by Solaria, and through treachery captured and imprisoned him.

While Coriandus was forced to watch, the Krundge weapons killed every man, woman and child on the planet, and even all of the many Solarian space stations that existed throughout space nearby the homeworld. Coriandus was visited by a representative of the Infinite Ones, and given the aid required to escape captivity, and to finally rid the galaxy of the Krundge war machines.


Solaria was a lovely planet, with the only artificial structures being made of the living crystal found on that world. The wilderness areas were a paradise, full of sky-mountains and rolling pastures, populated with floating herds of cloud-kine.

The world currently is accessible in two ways. The first, the more natural, is via time travel. The second, slightly more esoteric, is by visiting the spectral version of the world, as passed on by Coriandus to newspaper reporter Kenny Lawrence, when the former granted powers to the latter, along with the charge of being Earth's Cosmic Defender.

Affiliated Characters

Coriandus - the last Solarian. Once he was done with removing the Krundge machines from the galaxy, he was again contacted by the Infinite Ones, who invited him to join their ranks, as protectors and defenders of the galaxy. Coriandus accepted.

Kenny Lawrence - Cosmic Defender. As the appointed hero of Earth (taking a grant of power and a charge from the Infinite Ones, delivered by Coriandus), Kenny Lawrence carries in his mind knowledge of much that was passed down from Coriandus. One of these valuable things is a spectral version of the world of Solaria, as Coriandus knew it before it was destroyed.