Markus Campus


Name Markus Campus
Type School Campus
Environ Neptune City
Accessibility Public
Owner/Ruler Markus Trade School; later, Norfolk County Community College
Size Small Campus
Era First Known Pulp
Active Eras Pulp - NeoSilver


Markus Campus is a nice little school campus, located downtown, not far from River Wharf. It has been the home to (first) the Markus Trade School (founded by the man for whom the campus is named), and later on the Norfolk County Community College.

There is a rumor that in the cement foundation of one of the first buildings on the campus, that the riches and treasures that Speed Markus (founder of the trade school) captured from smugglers during his time as a crimefighter are hidden. To this day, none have ever turned up, but the original building (the Engineer's Hall) is still intact.


Several utilitarian buildings on an oversized city block in the industrial section (near the water front) of Neptune City.

Affiliated Organizations

Markus Trade School; Norfolk County Community College


"Speed" Markus - Rich Industrialist (founder of the Trade School), and also a crimefighter from the 1920s.