Malvetia (Country)


Name Malvetia
Type Country
Environ Europe - Balkans
Accessibility Public
Owner/Ruler Archduke Leshakov
Size Small Country
Era First Known Pulp
Active Eras Pulp and Beyond


Malvetia is a rocky, dark country in the Balkans. It is home to a swarthy people who are given to much superstition and belief in the supernatural. The population is hard working, but not too well educated nor industrialized (mostly agricultural communities).

The capital city is Veshburg, and the ruling family (the Leshakovs) rule from Valken Castle.


The country is very poor, mostly due to the inhospitable terrain. Rocky, rough countryside fills the entire country, with small villages serving as trade and information centers for the meager farms that serve as the economy for the population.

The Malvartz mountain range fills the north and eastern part of the country, with the Valkenvald forest (of scrubby pine trees and not much else) filling most of the west and south.

Rumors persist of werewolves, especially among the traveling tinker folk known as the Valken gypsies. Ancient rumors among these people speak of the fact that Valken Castle (built on the ancient Valkenstein stone) belongs to them, and they should be the true rulers of the country, but that first Leshakovs used treachery and sorcery to drive them out. The curse of lycanthropy falls upon members of the Leshakov family, as punishment for their ancient treachery.

Affiliated Characters

Anthony Moreno, a criminal in Neptune City during the Pulp and Golden eras, originally emigrated from Malvetia.


The traditional enemy of Malvetia is Padisvlakia, a neighboring nation. The peoples of both nations are very similar, culturally, yet there is a great enmity between them.