Name The Emporium Theatre
Type Building
Environ Neptune City, Muse Avenue
Accessibility Public
Owner/Ruler Various
1901 - 1938: Chadwick Eldred
Size Large Victorian Theatre
Era First Known Universal (built 1901)
Active Eras All


Emporium Theatre, Muse Avenue, Neptune CityThe Emporium was originally built in 1901, as a traditional theatre for musical productions and dramatic plays.

It was THE spot for plays and musical performances in the 1920s.

During WWII it became known for excellent USO shows.

After the war, it alternated musicals with off-broadway productions.

In the early 1960s, the Emporium was sold, and became a movie house. For a while it did well, until rumors of a haunting drove customer business away. In reality, the "haunted" rumors came from a creature, known as the Subterranean, living in the basement.

In the 1970s, the theatre was briefly used for a few years as a pornographic movie theatre, before being closed for a few years.

In the 1980s, the theatre was sold to a small dramatic company, the Norfolk County Shakespeare Company. After holding annual winter and summer productions, and renting out the theatre for local school and college events during other months, the Emporium is once again a thriving business. Today the Shakespeare company plays to rave reviews, and is considered one of the best south of New York City.


Large old theatre, very sturdy building, exquisite architectural details.

In the 1960s, a supervillain/creature (Subterranean) took up residence in the basement, and began building intricate and massive tunnels deep into the earth. Those tunnels and caves still exist, and in fact have contacted the Sunless Land, miles beneath the surface.

Chadwick in the 1960s