Angel of Mercy Hospital


Name Angel of Mercy Hospital
Type Building
Environ Neptune City
Accessibility Public
Owner/Ruler Sisters of Mercy Convent (until 1958); Neptune City (1958-1974); Neptune City Medical College (1974-today)
Size 2 City Blocks
Era First Known Pulp Era
Active Eras Pulp Era - NeoSilver Age

Description -

Built and run by the sisters from the Sisters of Mercy Convent (built in 1909), the Angel of Mercy hospitalAngel of Mercy Hospital Pulp Era was open to the public, and had an excellent reputation through WWII. Then funds began to dry up, and interest in science and medical advances drew potential patients and (more importantly) staff elsewhere.
In 1954, the Sisters were forced to sell the property. The county (and Commonwealth of Virginia) saw the need for a hospital that could serve not only the needs of the city but also the region, so it bought the building and resources from the convent, to reopen as a municipal hospital.

Finally, in 1974, a grant from the Governor allowed the city to open Neptune City Medical College, housed within Angel of Mercy. At the same time, fundraising and the building of a rather large endowment (with astronomical sums donated by a "phantom donor" at the time) allowed the hospital to grow to is present size, which is fabulous by any reckoning. The hospital has since become not only open to the public, but a first rate research institution, specializing in cutting edge techniques, as well as space medicine studies.


Angel of Mercy is located near the edge of the part of the city known as the Crucible. During its career, it has taken in more non-paying customers (from the very poor neighborhoods), than paying ones. Almost all of the administrations of the hospital (from its religious beginnings through today) have a "no questions asked" policy regarding patients, and the nature of their care requirements.

Affiliated Organizations

Since 1974, the Neptune City Medical College has been housed on the modern hospital campus that has grown up.
Angel of Mercy Hospital Bronze Era