Pulp Era

Pulp Era

The Pulp Era (1920 – 1944)

APulp Era - Neptune Citydventure, excitement and danger. Masked mystery-men, rocket-ships, and scantily clad women menaced by monsters. An era of two-fisted heroes, steel-jawed detectives, flying aces, and jungle heroes set in stories of mystery, horror beyond imagination, romance, spicy adventures, and foreign intrigue.
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The Feel of the Pulp Era

The Pulp Era is almost the real world from 1920 through the mid 1940s - almost being the key term. This period in history is defined by the Great Depression and World War II - neither of which would normally consider high points of history, but both bring a sense of style to the Pulp Era. The Pulp Era is a vision of how this time period could have, viewed through the lens of history and nostalgia.

The Pulp Era is a time of great heroes and great villains. Technological wonders and the promise of a future that could never quite come to be (where's my jetpack?). A time when airships rules the skies, gangsters controlled cities, mad scientists tied to control the world, and giant apes walk the Earth. Two-fisted heroes, bull-whip toting archeologist, and masked adventurers strove to keep the world safe.

As an RPG genre, the Pulp Era is one of high adventure tinged with just a touch of lurid reality.

Pulp Characters

Pulp Era mystery men typically lack actual superpowers and those who fight crime are usually operating completely outside the Law. Most heroes (i.e. The Players' characters) are just highly skilled normals. This era (very deliberately) overlaps with the Golden Age era by a few years. Many of the early Golden Age heroes started as pulp heroes.
Character Build: 75 point base + 75 points in disadvantages

Defining Events in Neptune City

Political corruption in Neptune City is at an all-time high. Organized crime, primarily in the form of the Moreno Mob, has it's hooks into all levels of city government. Moreno's feud with the Blue Dragon Society is constantly spilling out into the streets of Neptune City, and the police are not only powerless to do anything about it, but seem disinclined to do so.