Neo-Silver (Modern) Age

The Modern (Neo-Silver) Age (2006-

The return of the costumed crimefighter, who is also a black-and-white do-gooder, but with at least one open eye to modernity and real life issues.

The Feel of the Modern Era


Modern Age Characters

With a partial return to the values present in heroes of the Silver Age, the following Psychological Limitations are recommended (Typically at the Common to Very Common and Strong to Total, 15 to 25 points. Any true hero would have at least from this list – or something along of a similar nature.):
  • Sworn to Uphold the Law
  • Fights for Truth, Justice, American Way
  • Sworn to Uphold the Good
  • Protective of Normals
  • Heroic Code
  • Honorable
  • Committed to Fighting Crime
  • Code Versus Killing
Character Build: 200 point base + 150 points in disadvantages

Defining Events in Neptune City

It was in 2006, during what was later dubbed the Secret Crisis, that Centurion re-entered the time stream. However, he quickly discovered that, during the years he was absent, the world had become a darker place - much darker than his (now nearly 100 year old) memories of the 21st century. So called heroes acting worse than the villains they fight; Neptune City's government acting in an irrational manner; and, worst of all, the people of his beloved city have lost faith in both (their heroes and their government).