Iron Age

The Iron Age (1993-2005)

The Feel of the Iron Age

We have a massive influx of so-called "heroes" who are or pretend to be ruthless killers. Also common in this era are heroes who consider themselves to be above mortal authorities. Identity crises become more common with the older characters reinventing themselves in new identities or having their old identities usurped by unfit pretenders for extended periods of time. Heroes frequently find their powers going on the fritz or turning on them.

Iron Age Characters

More powerful than their Bronze Age predecessors, character of the Iron Age take the idea of the “flawed” hero to an illogical conclusion. Character Build: 200 point base + 150 points in disadvantages

Classic Power Origins for the Iron Age
  • Mutant
  • Genetic modification
  • Being the son or daughter of a superhero
  • Cyborg
  • Nanotechnology
  • Special drugs
  • Ninja training
  • Mystical, especially Satanic
  • Scientific accident
  • No explanation for powers whatsoever, or amnesia

Defining Events in Neptune City

(I'm still a bit weak on cause and affect here. Suggestions?) Carrying what started in the Bronze Aage to a logical extreme, the heroes of the Silver Age are gone or considered irrelevant due to their are and outlook, and the most successful of the Bronze Agers are the ones became the most like what the fought, which set the tone for how this new breed of "hero" would fight. Even worse though, the new increased awareness of the corruption that lives within the government caused even those heroes who might want to work within the tacit auspices of the law to pull away and adopt a "take the law into our own hands" mentality.