Atomic Age

The Atomic Age (1952-1955)

The Feel of the Atomic Age

In between the Golden Age and the Silver there was something of a hiatus regarding superheroes. In the comics of the 1950s (excluding DC's Big Three) what you see are mostly horror, giant monster, romance, western, and science-fiction. Design note (JDD): I'm not entirely sure how to go about it, butI would love to see this era of the city as a setting for Atomic Age science-fiction and/or horror adventures, that somehow don't adversely impact the era that follows. Can someone dream up a good rationale for the introduction of such elements and a reason for them to vanish when the Silver Age comes into play?

Defining Events in Neptune City

After WWII, the House Committee on Un-American Activities will include superheroes in their anti-American witch hunts under the idea that "if they were true and loyal Americans they would be hiding their identities behind masks." They wouldn't.
One of the few exceptions to this would be Centurion; not so much because he believes in what the HCUA is doing; but because he doesn't wear a mask, so most people (particularly the HCUA) do not realize he maintains a secret ID. He stays active during the "gap" period between the Golden and Silver ages, promoting truth, justice, and (his vision of) the American way - in spite of the increasing influence McCarthy is having in the government. Even managing to form a strong and positive relationship with the nation’s government as a whole (he was always a strong public supporter of whoever held the office of President of the United States).

Atomic Age Characters

The “Gap” period is unique due to its general lack of active superheroes. After WWII the American public had had it's fill of “larger than life” heroes. The return of U.S. Troops from abroad meant that there was a plethora of “real life” heroes mixing and mingling with the general population. Add to this the effect that the House committee on Un-American Activities was having, and costumed heroes were suddenly passé'. Gap Era plots will tend to center around less colorful things such as the growing Cold War and the still quite influential forces of organized crime. The Gap Era is also an exciting time of scientific discovery – this is the Atomic Era and the start of the Space Age.
The overall sense of morality is blurred extremely gray, but heroes still try to avoid actually killing their adversaries (of course, if the villains dies to his own death-trap backfiring – well, that's just a shame). Character Build: 75 point base + 75 points in disadvantages