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Brainstorming Topic #1: Sandor

Date: 2008-02-06

Okay, here is my take on Sandor - Golden Age [awakened by a Nazi submarine; royal sorceror-prince of ancient atlantis; baby brick and throws magic "water bolts"; fights alongside USN against Germans]

Kinda Namor-ish.

but with a little bit of magic (I have been working on an Atlantean magic idea)

Silver Age [magic becomes the dominant issue - still a little bit strong, but much more of a magician]

Hey. Instead of Atlantis, how about something a bit more Euro.

Vineta. Mythological sunken city was described by Adam of Bremen in 1075 AD, and in 1170 AD reported destroyed by the Danes.

The magic I was thinking is this - Atlantean Magic is Elemental Magic. The Noble House practices (natch) Water Magic, three other royal families each practice Earth, Sky and Fire magic. The Bad Guys (enemy of the noble house) practice Fire Magic, and it is because of them that the city sunk beneath the waves 10,000 years ago. The Noble House (using Water Magic) saved the lives of the city, and everyone in it, so they could survive below the waves. Unfortunately Prince Sandor was trapped by magic against his nemesis Kelvin the Firelord inside a giant blob of obsidian at the bottom of the ocean. That is where he was awakened by Nazi torpedo activity.

Vineta could work.

Theoretically, somewhere near Gemany,

Silver Age - the magic would be typical comic book EB powers - water bolt, flying on a jet of water, water wall forcefield, etc

Bronze Age and later the magic would begin to look more like magic - something that Dr. Fate or Stephen Strange would feel more at home with

this distinguishes him from Amazo the Magician pretty well, and covers a couple of archtypes, I think

As a "Man out of Time" Sandor would feel out of place in modern day Atlantis (Vineta) and so decides to come to Neptune City to work with the NCD (Neptune City Defenders) to fight against injustice. His original ties to Neptune City would have been during WWII to the Navy. Just because he has left Atlantis/Vineta doesn't mean that it has left him, and all sorts of characters/plots/villains could follow him to Neptune City.

Including his old nemesis, Lord Kelvin ("While you slept for 10,000 years, Prince Sandor, I have been growing increasingly more powerful, and now you are completely helpless to stop me from ruling not only the seven seas but the entire world!")



Brainstorming Topic #2: Heroes & Challenger

Date: 2008-2-8


Okay - Neptune City - do we redirect and focus on the twelve characters we came up with, and different versions of them through the ages (along with the city write up, NPCs and villains)? or do you want to focus on the other characters that we had worked up some time past?

Mix and match?

both would be okay

I still like the idea of the Centurion timeline

but after seeing our characters in action, I really wanted to write up some specific villains, histories, and NPCs to support them

pick six of our characters to take on the Silver Age version of Amazo - who would you select?


Bronze Age Challenger - should he have a gadget pool?

(sorry, I meant Challenger-6 - our android)

Maybe. I tend to avoid them (as their pain the butts). How inventive is he/it?

probably a multipower or two would be better - functions that Prof Challenger built into him

me: Or are you think refits in between adventures?

refits might be better

I think that a Silver Age/Bronze Age version of Prof Challenger (if he is still alive) would be like a Benevolant T. O. Morrow


someone else?

I was thinking Niles Caulder, but less crazy.

could be - someone who is always tinkering with his inventions (car, android, astral helmet, whatever) and helping the heroes, but not really adventuring too much himself

Age is good reason to slow down.

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