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Neptune City


"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Boston Hatfield reporting for Neptune City radio, live, in downtown Neptune City. I'm witnessing the aftermath of a mammoth struggle rivaling the skirmishes no doubt fought between the Titans and the Greek Gods of old. It appears that the masked hero, Jungle Commander, has just stopped Devil-Man from blowing up the Davis Building. Devil-Man's atomic fire scrambler has been destroyed, but fires throughout the upper stories of this majestic skyscraper are being reported. We don't need the reports, because we can see - and folks, I want you to picture it - the flames shooting out of the upper stories of this great edifice - the pride of downtown Neptune City. Casualty reports are still coming in, and they appear to be horrific. Folks, I don't know how to say this, but here we are in the modern age - 1943 - and such barbarity is possible. Thank the heavens above that we have heroes like Jungle Commander and the rest of the Neptune City Defenders to protect us from monsters like Devil-Man."


A City of Adventure

Neptune City is a fictional city intended to serve as the campaign host to any of a number of different 20th century adventure game genres. It is located in Norfolk County, Virginia, and is not to far from the site of the real life city of Norfolk. The city is home to the publishers of Police Defender magazine, which began life as a published pulp magazine in the 1920s. The adventures in the magazine often were located in Neptune City (or the surrounding area). Later on, as Police Defender grew, it started (in the late 1930s) publishing comic books, and became known as PD Comics. Many of the PD Comics stories were also located in and around Neptune City. Because of this, and because of the very interesting real life story of the city, throughout the 20th century, Neptune City is an exciting place to host adventure games.


A City of Many Eras

The common eras that Neptune City serves best for are the Pulp Era (1920-1944), the Golden Age (1938 -1951), the Atomic Era (1952-1955), the Silver Age (1956-1973), the Bronze Age (1974-1992), the Iron Age (1993-2005), and the Neo-Silver age (PD Comics today). Each of these periods is very different, and serves as the setting for a very different genre of game. Generally speaking, the Pulp Era would correspond with stories told in the Pulp Magazines, while the later periods are generally related to different eras of Comic Books published by PD Comics (and other publishers).